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Add-On Features


The Add-On Features section guides users on purchasing additional features, details the types of add-ons available, and explains their validity periods, providing clarity on enhancing the application's capabilities.

Types of Add-on

Type of Add-On

An "Add-on" is an optional feature or service that can be purchased to enhance the functionality of a subscription. Zita offers users additional recruitment tools and services, like advanced AI capabilities or extra job posting credits, allowing for a more tailored and efficient hiring process. 

  • Add-ons vary depending on the subscription plan. 

  • At Zita, the "Standard Plan" and "Premium Plan" offers flexibility and adaptability for your recruitment needs, with various Add-ons to customize your hiring process experience. 

Here's an overview of the Add-ons available for our Standard Plan: 

  1. Job Posting Credits 

  • What You Get: Access credits with rolling validity for AI-generated job descriptions, AI parsing, template-based job descriptions, multi-platform posting, and targeted candidate attraction. 

  • Benefits: Enhance the effectiveness and reach of your job postings, utilizing AI-driven tools for precision and efficiency. 

  2.  AI Resume Parsing Credits 

  • Features: Credits for high-accuracy AI resume parsing with rolling validity. 

  • Advantages: Streamline candidate tracking and profile management with an integrated Kanban board, providing a comprehensive view of the recruitment pipeline. 

  3. Contact Unlock Credits 

  • Offerings: Credits for advanced Resume/CV parsing, job matching, unlocking candidate contact information, and full access to Zita profiles, coupled with a dedicated candidate portal. 

  • Perks: Gain deeper insights into candidate profiles and foster better engagement with potential hires.  

  4. AI Resume Comparative Analysis & Recommendation to Hire 

  • Capabilities: AI-driven, in-depth comparative resume analysis along with detailed candidate evaluations. 

  • Value: Receive data-driven hiring recommendations, helping you make informed decisions based on comprehensive candidate analysis. 

  5. AI Interview Questions Generation 

  • Functionality: Generate personalized, AI-optimized interview questions and answers for each interviewer, complete with a customizable scorecard evaluation form. 

  • Impact: Elevate your interview process, ensuring a more targeted and effective candidate assessment.

  6. Priority Support 

  • Access: Direct connection to specialized support teams for quick, effective solutions. 

  • Assurance: Enjoy the highest level of attention and care throughout your plan's duration, ensuring smooth operations. 

  7. Advanced AI Resume Matching to Multiple Jobs 

  • Tool: Utilize AI to match resumes with multiple job openings, featuring descriptive analytics and flexible weightage settings. 

  • Flexibility: Adapt the recruitment process to various job requirements simultaneously, enhancing efficiency and candidate-job alignment. 

  8. AI Matching with Descriptive Analytics 

  • Dynamic Tool: Offers rolling validity, combining AI matching with descriptive analytics. 

  • Customization: Tailored to each candidate, this tool assesses profile compatibility with flexible weightage settings, ensuring a nuanced approach to candidate evaluation.

Here's an overview of the Add-ons available for our Premium Plan: 


  • For Zita's Premium Plan, the add-ons provide enhanced recruitment capabilities. This includes Job Posting Credits for AI-enhanced job descriptions and multi-platform posting, AI Resume Parsing Credits for accurate parsing and efficient candidate management, and Contact Unlock Credits for deeper insights into candidates and improved engagement.  

  • Additionally, AI Matching with Descriptive Analytics offers advanced candidate-profile matching with customizable settings. 

  •  These add-ons, all with rolling validity, are designed to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of the recruitment process for Premium Plan users, offering a sophisticated, AI-driven approach to talent acquisition. 

How to Purchase Add-On 

Purchasing add-ons in Zita is a streamlined process, designed to enhance your recruitment capabilities with ease. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you through both individual and bulk purchases: 

  • Head to "Settings" in your Zita account and click on the "Manage Subscription" tab. 

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  • Additionally, you can find "Manage Subscription" in the sidebar, providing a convenient and easy way to manage your subscription whenever you need.

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Please note that selecting your desired Add on features and choosing the payment term can only be done by an Admin.

  • Locate the Add-On Section, this is where you can browse and select additional features. 

Talent Acquisition Software
  • Explore the available add-ons for your plan, each detailed with features and benefits.

Individual Add-On Purchase: 

  • Choose quantities for add-ons with rolling validity and click "Buy Now" on the add-on card you wish to purchase, which will direct you to Stripe for payment, granting instant access upon completing the transaction. 

Talent Acquisition Software


Pay attention to the validity options (Rolling or 30 Days) to match your specific requirements.

Bulk Purchase of Add-Ons: 

  • Select the desired quantity for each add-on with rolling validity. Then click "Add to Cart" for each add-on you've chosen. 

Talent Acquisition Software
  • Once you have added all desired add-ons to your cart, click on the "Proceed to Buy" button. 

Talent Acquisition Software
  • Review your order summary, then click on the "Pay Now" button to finalize the purchase. Upon successful payment, you'll gain full access to the purchased add-ons. 

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Add-On Validity 

Zita's add-ons come with two types of validity options, each catering to different user needs: 

 1. Rolling Validity

  • Applicable for: Job posting, AI Resume Parsing, Contact Unlock, AI Matching with Descriptive Analytics. 

  • Duration: These add-ons are valid until the end of your subscription period. 

  • Benefit: Provides continuous access with flexibility. Unused credits or features will roll over for the duration of your subscription. 

  • Additional Feature: If you upgrade your subscription, these add-ons will also roll over, ensuring uninterrupted access and utility, regardless of your plan changes. 

 2. 30 Days Validity

  • Applicable for: AI Resume Comparative Analysis and recommendation to Hire, AI Interview Questions Generation, Priority Support, Advanced AI Resume Matching to Multiple Jobs 

  • Duration: Valid for 30 days from the date of purchase. 

  • Characteristic: Ideal for short-term needs. These credits or features expire at the end of 30 days and do not carry over to the next month. 

These options are designed to provide users with flexibility and convenience, ensuring that Zita's add-ons align with various recruitment strategies and changing business needs. 

Credits and Add on View  

  • You can view the purchased add-on credits and their respective credit counts in Add-on Section. 

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How to Purchase Add-on
Add-on Validity
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