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Getting Started
First Job

1. Create your First Job

What is a Job?

A Job represents a new job opening, an open position, or a vacancy listing your company. Zita provides you the flexibility to create jobs in two different categories as Data Science jobs and All Other Jobs. 

  • Data Science Jobs like DevOps Engineer, Machine Learning Engineer, Big Data Engineer, Business Intelligence, Data Analyst, etc., can be created under the Data Science flow. 

  • Other domain jobs like Accounts, IT, Sales & Marketing, Healthcare, etc. can be created under the All Other Jobs. 

Click here to know how to create your first job in Zita.

2. Create your First Candidate

Zita allows you to build your own candidate database in the following ways 

  • Bulk Import Candidates 

  • Sourcing Candidates from Talent Pool 

  • Applicants 

Click here to know how to create your first candidate in Zita.

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