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Welcome to Zita! Getting started with your account is a breeze. Follow the steps below to begin your journey on our platform. 

Explore Zita's diverse subscription plans, which include a Free Trial. Elevate your experience with our Paid Subscriptions, choosing from the Standard, Premium, and Enterprise plans.

Start Your Free Trial

Begin a 14-day Zita experience with our free trial – no payment or credit card details required. Simply opt for the "Free Trial" package when signing up and unlock access to all features, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the capabilities of Zita at no cost.

Ready to Begin Your Zita Journey?

Sign up effortlessly on our website, verify your email, and dive into a world of possibilities with our Free Trial – all without spending a penny.

Start your subscription

Start Your Subscription

If Zita is working well for you, feel free to upgrade to one of our paid plans - Standard, Premium, or Enterprise at any time during your free trial. Each of these plans brings its own unique set of additional features to enhance your experience.  


Choose the perfect time to upgrade for you and continue to enjoy the expanded capabilities and benefits that Zita has to offer.

Get Started!

  • Head to "Settings" in your Zita account and click on the "Manage Subscription" tab. 

  • Additionally, you can find "Manage subscription" in the sidebar, providing a convenient and easy way to manage your subscription whenever you need.

AI-powered recruitment Software
AI-powered recruitment Software


Please note that selecting your desired subscription plan and choosing the payment term can only be done by an Admin.

  • Select your desired subscription plan and choose the payment term that best suits your needs. Once you've made your selection, click on the "Choose Plan" button to proceed. 

Automated Hiring Solutions
AI-powered recruitment Software
  • Enter your card details, including card information, billing address, and cardholder's name. After entering these details, click on the "Subscribe" button to complete the process.

Automated Hiring Solutions

Congratulations! Your Zita subscription is now active. You can start enjoying all the features and advantages of your selected plan right away.


Zita does not store any banking information. All transactions are securely processed via Stripe, ensuring the highest level of security and privacy for your financial data.

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