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Simplify your hiring in three steps.
Make it
fast & right.


Effortlessly post your job & source from millions of candidates database for free. 


Effectively engage & identify top candidates in seconds with Zita's AI Matching & Candidate Profile View.


Leverage the power of collaborative hiring & seamlessly screen the applicants.

Why choose Zita?

Key Features to increase your hiring efficiency

Branded Career Page

Maximise your employer brand with branded career page that is easy to build & comes with candidate login portal.

Built-in Talent Sourcing

Access millions of passive candidates across all roles under one roof. No hidden charges, pay only on demand.

Zita Profile View

Enriched candidate profile view which provides access to every detail about candidates in one click.


Reports & Insights

Take informative decisions in every hiring step with detailed reports from

posting a job-to-hiring a candidate.

Human-like AI Matching

Access your top talents in seconds with AI matching. Evaluate candidate quickly with  detailed matching analysis.

Kanban Hiring Board

Track & move all applicants across different stages of hiring process with simple drag & drop hiring status board.

Team Collaboration

Collaborate seamlessly with all your team members in hiring. Add, customize roles and delete users based on your needs.

Leverage Zita's capabilities to modernize your recruitment
process efficiently

Cut your Screening Time by 50%
 AI Matching

Zita’s AI Matching technology performs the complex task of resume-screening and gets you the perfect match in half the time than that of manual screening. The AI portal identifies and segregates suitable profiles as per their content and tracks the match for your job posting.  

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Subscribe to any Annual plan & get                              , Use Coupon code                             , Valid till
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