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Built-in Talent Sourcing

Access Millions of Resumes on Demand

Key advantages of Talent Sourcing

Search across all roles

Talent sourcing portal gives to access to 7 million+ profiles from multiple industries. You can search the candidates by giving the required job role and location in the respective search fields. You will get the list of available candidates as snippets for you to choose from.


Search across all roles

Access millions of resumes

Pay on demand

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View full resume

If the details provided in the candidate snippets aren't enough to evaluate, you can view the full resume of the candidate. You can also download the resume of any candidate with the contact details are masked from your view.

Unlock Contact details 

If you like any specific candidate's profile, you can unlock the respective contact by using contact credits. You can buy contact credits based on your demand, the minimum credits purchase limit is 5 and the cost/contact credit is $2. Learn more about Contact Credits here.


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Ready to transform your recruitment?

Join the community that experiences the power of AI in recruitment & start making your hiring done in half the time. Spare your sourcing time.

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