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Inbuilt Mailbox Integration: Streamlining Communication Effortlessly

Experience a new level of convenience with our Inbuilt Mailbox Integration feature within Zita. Seamlessly manage your email communications right from your Zita dashboard. No more juggling between platforms, our Inbuilt Mailbox Integration empowers you to stay organized, efficient, and ahead in your hiring game.


Key Features

real time sync
real time sync

Real-time Sync

Efficiency and speed are at the heart of modern recruitment, and we've got you covered. Our cutting-edge email integration comes with a Real-time Sync feature that revolutionizes how you manage candidate communication. Say goodbye to delays and hello to instant updates.

Manage your emails efficiently in one unified hub 

End the hassle of switching between accounts and apps to manage candidate emails. With Zita's unified communication center, you can centralize all your correspondence. Easily create, edit, and send emails, while having full access to your email history in the 'Mailbox' section of each candidate's profile.


Customizable Templates

Elevate your candidate correspondence with custom email templates in Zita. Save time by simply inserting templates into your email composer. Personalize templates with text formatting, images, and links, streamlining your email communication for efficient time management.


Connected world-bro_edited

 Enhanced Productivity

The Inbuilt Mailbox Integration minimizes the time spent on manual data entry, allowing you to focus on what truly matters – identifying top talent and making impactful hiring decisions.

Real-time Sync-rafiki_edited

 Data Integrity

With real-time synchronization, your ATS records remain consistent and reliable, reducing the risk of data discrepancies and errors.

Time management-pana_edited

Time Savings

No more juggling between email and Zita application. This integration ensures all your communication and recruitment activities are streamlined in one location.

experienced candidate_edited

Enhanced Candidate Experience

By having all communication stored within Zita, you can offer a more personalized and attentive candidate experience.

How to Get Started

Getting started with our Inbuilt Mailbox Integration is quick and straightforward


Login to Zita account and navigate to the “Integrations” Tab under Settings page.


Connect your email account whether its Google account or Microsoft Outlook to Zita


Once set up, start enjoying the benefits of unified communication and streamlined recruitment activities.

Elevate your recruitment process to new heights with our Inbuilt Mailbox Integration. Say hello to a more organized, efficient, and collaborative hiring journey. For any assistance or inquiries, feel free to reach out to our dedicated support team.

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