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Kanban Hiring

For effortless hiring

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Key advantages

Drag & Drop Screening

Smart Candidate Snippet

Automated Staging Emails


Hiring made even easier with the interactive Kanban Hiring board. The hiring board has five stages for better onboarding & assessing of applicants. You can effortlessly update the screening status of each applicant by simply dragging & dropping from one stage to another.

Smart Candidate Snippet

All applicants are shown in a micro snippet format to handle more applicants in a single frame and move across from one stage to another in an easier way. Snippet displays details like Applicants Name, Match Score, Location & experience  and helps perform quick actions like Scheduling interview, Download resume & Selecting any applicant as favourite for reference. 

Applicants_Pipeline (6) (2).png
Applicants_Pipeline (6) (2).png
Applicants_Pipeline (6) (2).png
Applicants_Pipeline (6) (2).png
Applicants_Pipeline (6) (2).png

Smart Filters

Save your time and effort in searching for the applicants with smart filters. You can filter out the applicants by Match Score, Qualification, Location, Experience & Skills in all stages.

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Ready to transform your recruitment?

Join the community that experiences the power of AI in recruitment & start making your hiring done in half the time. Spare your sourcing time.

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