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Enhance Your Hiring Process with Our Customizable Kanban Board Inside the ATS

Welcome to our cutting-edge Applicant Tracking System (ATS) that comes equipped with a powerful and customizable Kanban board. Streamline your hiring process like never before by visualizing and managing candidates through various stages of your recruitment pipeline.

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Application Pipeline View

Key Features

Visualize pipeline
Visualize pipeline_

Visualize Your Pipeline

Utilize our adaptable Kanban board to tailor stages according to your distinct recruitment workflow. Effortlessly sort candidates into categories like "New Applicants," "Shortlisted," "Interviewed," “Hired," and "Rejected" for a comprehensive view of your hiring progress.

Drag-and-Drop Simplicity

Using our intuitive interface, relocating candidates across stages is a breeze through drag-and-drop. Seamlessly modify candidate status and advancement with a user-friendly process, eliminating the need for intricate actions or excessive clicks.

Comparative Analysis Software
Comparative Analysis Software
customizable workflow-focus

Customizable Workflow

Tailor the Kanban board to match your specific recruitment process. Add, remove, or rename stages to align with the steps your organization follows, ensuring that the board perfectly suits your needs.

Smart Candidate Snippet

All applicants are shown in a micro snippet format to handle more applicants in a single frame and move across from one stage to another in an easier way. Snippet displays details like Applicants Name, Match Score, Location & experience  and helps perform quick actions like Scheduling interview, Download resume & Selecting any applicant as favourite for reference. 

Recruitment Sourcing Tools
Recruitment Sourcing Tools
Recruitment Sourcing Tools
Comparative Analysis Software

Smart Filters

Effortlessly identify ideal candidates within seconds. It's no joke. Candidate profiles are instantly evaluated for their alignment with your job profile and displayed as a neatly organized list, allowing you to focus on the most pertinent candidates right away. 

  • Delivers rapid and efficient outcomes  

  • Expedites the hiring process  

  • Preserves valuable time 

Real-Time Updates

Wave farewell to manual revisions and obsolete spreadsheets. When you modify a candidate's status on the Zita Kanban board, these updates are promptly synchronized within the application, ensuring your team always has up-to-date information.

Scorecard & evolution
download csv

Download Applicants CSV

Easily gather applicant data for analysis with our "Download Applicants CSV" feature. This allows you to export a comprehensive snapshot of applicant information, including names, contact details, application dates, and more. Gain a consolidated view of your candidates that can be easily shared and analyzed. Streamline your recruitment process by leveraging this powerful tool.



Improved Collaboration

Enhance collaboration among your hiring team and stakeholders by providing them with a visual representation of candidate progress and updates in real time.

faster decison making

Faster Decision-Making

With a clear visual of your recruitment pipeline, you can identify bottlenecks and take swift actions to keep the hiring process moving smoothly.


Efficiency and Productivity

By eliminating manual data entry and reducing the need for status update meetings, your team can focus more on evaluating candidates and making informed decisions.

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Ready to elevate Your Hiring Process?

Become part of a community leveraging AI to redefine recruitment, achieving twice the results in half the time. Maximize your recruiting efficiency.

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