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Effortless Job Posting: Your Gateway to Top Talent

Are you ready to simplify and supercharge your job posting experience? Our “Zita” is here to make the process smoother, more efficient, and more effective than ever before. With our "Post a Job" feature, you can streamline job postings, attract top talent, and ensure EEO (Equal Employment Opportunity) compliance effortlessly. 

AI Job Posting Software

Key Features

HR Software for Job Postings
HR Software for Job Postings

AI-Powered JD Import and Parsing

Experience the future of job posting with our AI-Powered JD Import and Parsing. No more manual data entry – simply upload your job descriptions (JDs), and our AI technology swiftly transforms them into job postings. This smart feature not only saves time but also reduces errors, ensuring your listings are accurate and efficient.

AI-Generated JD Creation

When beginning with a clean slate, our AI-Generated JD Creation feature is your solution. Crafting a job description from scratch has never been more seamless. Just provide essential job details and observe as our system effortlessly produces a comprehensive job description. This smart tool guarantees no crucial information is overlooked, simplifying the creation of detailed and appealing job listings that draw top-notch candidates.

HR Software for Job Postings
create jd high
database template
database template2

Zita Database Templates

Access our library of Zita Database Templates, professionally designed for diverse job roles and industries. Choose the template that matches your job opening, seamlessly integrate it into your posting, and make any necessary adjustments. Simplify the job creation process with a strong foundation while maintaining the flexibility to tailor it to your specific requirements.

Customizable Weightage Matching

Category Weightage Customization, offers unparalleled flexibility in your recruitment process. Now, you can customize each job posting by assigning specific weightage to different criteria like skills, experience, and education, according to your unique requirements. This personalised approach ensures that our system accurately aligns candidates with your job specifications, streamlining your hiring process. It's all about giving you control to prioritize what matters most for each role, making job posting more effective and efficient.

cust weightage matching
cust weightage matching
applicant question
applicant question2

Customizable Applicant Questionnaire

A powerful tool designed to simplify and elevate your hiring process. Craft tailored questionnaires aligned with your job requirements to efficiently and consistently assess candidates. This feature saves you time with automated screening, allowing you to focus on top talent. Customize questionnaires to your unique needs and optimize your recruitment efforts. Try it today to streamline your screening and identify the best-fit candidates swiftly.

External Job posting

Save valuable time by posting simultaneously on multiple job boards and manage all listings in one centralized location. Increase your job's visibility, tap into a diverse talent pool, and streamline your recruitment process. Try it today and unlock the power of connecting with top candidates beyond your organization's boundaries.

Recruitment Sourcing Tools
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Why Choose Our "Post a Job" Feature?

AI Job Posting Software


Save time and effort with AI-powered JD parsing and generation.

AI Job Posting Software


Access polished JD templates to ensure your job postings are top-notch.

Job Posting and Management Tool


Reduce errors and discrepancies in your job descriptions.

Job Posting and Management Tool


Rest easy knowing your job postings are EEO compliant.

Job Posting and Management Tool


Embrace the future of job posting with smart, technology-driven solutions.

Ready to Post Your Job with Ease? 

With our "Post a Job" feature, you can create compelling job descriptions effortlessly. Say goodbye to tedious data entry and hello to precision, professionalism, and efficiency. Whether you're a seasoned HR professional or new to the game, our ATS is here to support your talent acquisition journey.

Join us in shaping the future of job posting. Try our "Post a Job" feature today and experience the difference. 

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Ready to elevate Your Hiring Process?

Become part of a community leveraging AI to redefine recruitment, achieving twice the results in half the time. Maximize your recruiting efficiency.

HR Software for Job Postings
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