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Your Complete Applicant 
Tracking System

From posting a job till hiring a candidate, streamline all your hiring process in a single platform

Post & Source 

Post & Source

Job Posting Capabilities

  • Post a Job

  • Branded Career Page

  • My Job Postings

Posting a job is a first & time-consuming step-in hiring, Zita offers various ways to post and manage your job postings effectively throughout the hiring cycle.

Post a Job

Posting a job is no more a time-consuming task for recruiters with features like custom screening questionaries, easy preference setting & an in-built EEO compliance questionnaire.


Zita is the only ATS provider that offers exclusive features like JD profiler and missing skills recommendation feature based on roles in Data Science domain. 


Branded Career Page

For every potential candidate, your career page will be the face of your company. Makes it look professional & elegant to attract talents. With Zita, you can easily build your career page that comes with exclusive candidate login portal.

My Job Postings

View all your posted jobs in a single page with a detailed job snippet. Snippet provides quick access to Zita matched candidates, applicants board, job status & metrics. 


Candidate Sourcing Features

  • Talent Sourcing

  • Bulk Import Facility

Finding a right talent is always a difficult task. That's why Zita comes with powerful sourcing features to help recruiters in handy ways like never before. 

Talent Sourcing

Access millions of passive candidates across all roles under one roof. No hidden charges, pay only on demand.

Talent Sourcing (1).png
bulk import.PNG

Bulk Import Feature

Build your own central candidate database with this bulk import feature. It is so easy that you can simply drag & drop the resume from your system and click upload. It helps you manage high volume imports effortlessly. All imported candidate resumes are automatically parsed and matched with active  jobs. 

Engage & Evaluate

Engage & Evaluate

Candidate Engagement Features

  • Zita Profile View

  • In-app messaging

  • Invite to apply

Communicating with candidates is an essential element in hiring process. You will attract right talent in time if it done well. Zita offers many features to make it easy & fast. 

Zita Profile View

Enriched candidate profile view which provides access to every detail about candidates in one click. Access your meeting schedules, Interview ratings and review of the candidate in the one place. 

Applicants_Profile_view_ResumeCover (1).png
Screenshot 2021-11-07 at 12.13.36 AM.png
Screenshot 2021-11-07 at 12.14.22 AM.png

In-app Messaging

Engage with your candidates using this in-app messaging tab inside the profile page of every individual candidate. Zita’s in-app messaging allows you and your team to communicate almost instantly with the candidate.

Invite to Apply

With this incredible feature, you can easily notify any potential candidate in your database and invite them to apply for your new job openings and convert them from passive candidate to an active applicant. 

Zita Match Candidates.png

Candidate Evaluation Features

  • Human-Like AI Matching

  • Zita Matched Profiles

  • Smart Filters

Screening a candidate is a critical task in recruitment as it demands time & domain knowledge to assess candidates. Zita helps you accomplish this task in no time with powerful AI matching & filters.

Human-Like AI Matching

Access your top talents in seconds with AI matching. Evaluate candidate quickly with  detailed matching analysis.

Zita_Match_Candidates (2).png
Zita_Match_Candidates (2).png
Zita Match Candidates.png

Zita Matched Profiles

As soon as you post a job, candidates from your database are indexed for matching and the matching score will be displayed once the matching is completed. If you're interested in any matched profile, you can invite them to apply for the posted job openings. 

Smart Filters

Search smartly across the platform with smart filters. Each screening page has its own tailored smart filter section where you can filter out the candidates by Match Score, Qualification, Invitation Status, Location, Experience, Skills in all stages.

Zita Match Candidates.png
Applicants_Pipeline (6) (2).png
Talent Sourcing (1).png

Collaborate & Hire

Collaborate & Hire

Collaboration & Hiring Features

  • Team Collaboration

  • Kanban (Style) Hiring Board

  • Report & insights

Collaboration leads to an easier onboarding. Zita provides the perfect platform for team-based recruitment and makes the screening easier with drag & drop hiring board . 

Team Collaboration

Collaborate seamlessly with all your team members in hiring. Add, customize roles and delete users based on your needs.

Manage Users.png
Applicants_Pipeline (6) (2).png

Kanban (Style) Hiring Board

Track & move all applicants across different stages of hiring process with simple drag & drop hiring board.

Reports & Insights

Take informed decisions  in  every  hiring  step with detailed reports from posting a job-to-hiring a candidate.

2. Applicants Sourcing Reports.png

Other essential features

  • Calendar Integration

  • In-built resume & JD Parsers

Interview scheduling & CV parser is an integral part of any ATS. Zita comes with world class CV parser & calendar sync to manage all your appointments in one place.

Calendar Integration

Easily integrate your gmail or outlook calendar with Zita to view interview schedule with the applicants and be informed of all your appointments related to hiring.

Online document-amico.png

Built-in Resume & JD Parsers

Save ample amount of time in hiring process with the help of the CV & JD parser.  ​Import thousands of candidates in bulk with few clicks, CV parser will parse all the resumes and pre-populate the details in the database.

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