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application tracking

Your Complete Applicant 
Tracking System

Embrace the next generation of recruitment with our cutting-edge, AI-enabled Applicant Tracking System (ATS), meticulously crafted to refine every aspect of your hiring journey. Zita not only simplifies recruitment but also enhances the decision-making process, ensuring that you hire not just talent, but the right talent. Experience recruitment like never before – efficient, intelligent, and transformative.

Post & Source

Post & Source 

Job Posting Capabilities

  • Post a Job

  • Branded Career Page

  • My Job Postings

Posting a job is a first & time-consuming step-in hiring, Zita offers various ways to post and manage your job postings effectively throughout the hiring cycle.

Post a Job

Streamlines job posting with custom screening questionnaires, easy preference setting, and EEO compliance and offering three innovative methods to efficiently and effectively attract top talent with your job descriptions.

⦁  AI-Powered JD Import and Parsing: Upload and automatically parse JDs with AI for quick job posting creation.
⦁ Zita Database Templates: Access our customizable, professional JD templates and simply add it to the posting.
⦁ AI-Generated JD Creation: Easily create detailed job descriptions with AI assistance by providing basic job details.

Comparative Analysis Software
career page

Branded Career Page

Enhance your recruitment strategy with our Applicant Tracking System's "Branded Career Page" feature. This unique offering allows you to showcase job openings on a customizable, professionally designed career page that aligns seamlessly with your company's brand identity. With Zita, you can easily build your career page that comes with an exclusive candidate login portal.

My Job Postings

Effortlessly oversee all your job postings on one page through a comprehensive table. This table offers quick access to Zita-matched candidates, the applicants board, job status, and valuable metrics, providing you with a holistic view of your recruitment efforts in a single glance.

Job Posting

Candidate Sourcing Features

  • Talent Sourcing

  • Bulk Import Facility

Finding a right talent is always a difficult task. That's why Zita comes with powerful sourcing features to help recruiters in handy ways like never before. 

Talent Sourcing

Unlock access to a vast pool of passive candidates spanning various roles, all within a single platform. Say goodbye to hidden fees; you only pay when you need them. Our goal is to simplify your recruitment journey and provide you with the flexibility to make informed decisions when the time is right.

Talent Sourcing
ATS for Resume Management

Bulk Import Feature

Effortlessly establish a centralized candidate database by utilizing our Bulk Import Feature. With a simple drag-and-drop interface, manage high-volume imports effortlessly as candidate resumes are automatically parsed and matched with active jobs, simplifying your recruitment process.

ATS for Resume Management
bulk import
Candidate Profile Management

Bulk Import Candidates

Import candidate resumes for future consideration.

 Bulk Import Applicants

Import applicants associated with specific job openings for streamlined applications.

Engage & Evaluate

Engage & Evaluate

Candidate Engagement Features

  • Zita Profile View

  • In-app messaging

  • Invite to apply

Communicating with candidates is an essential element in hiring process. You will attract right talent in time if it done well. Zita offers many features to make it easy & fast. 

Zita Profile View

Experience our enriched candidate profile view, offering one-click access to comprehensive candidate details. Seamlessly manage meeting schedules, access interview ratings, and review candidate information, all in one centralized location. Simplify your candidate assessment process with the Zita Profile View.

Applicant Management System
In App Messaging

In-app Messaging

Engage seamlessly with candidates through our in-app messaging feature, conveniently located within each individual candidate's profile page. Zita's in-app messaging enables instant communication between you and your team, ensuring efficient and timely correspondence with candidates. Streamline your candidate interactions with Zita's messaging capabilities.

Invite to Apply

Unlock the potential of our "Invite to Apply" feature. Effortlessly reach out to potential candidates in your database, inviting them to apply for your latest job openings. Convert passive candidates into active applicants with ease, expanding your talent pool and enhancing your recruitment strategy.

Recruitment Sourcing Tools
Comparative Analysis Software

Candidate Evaluation Features

  • Human-Like AI Matching

  • Zita Matched Profiles

  • Smart Filters

Screening a candidate is a critical task in recruitment as it demands time & domain knowledge to assess candidates. Zita helps you accomplish this task in no time with powerful AI matching & filters.

AI-Powered Matching

Harness the power of advanced AI matching to swiftly identify your top talents. Our cutting-edge technology enables rapid candidate evaluation through detailed matching analysis. Streamline your recruitment process and discover the best-fit candidates in seconds.

human like ai
zita match candidate

Recommended Zita Match

Our platform is designed for proactive recruitment. Once a job is posted, candidates from your database are immediately indexed for matching. The matching score is promptly displayed upon completion. If a matched profile catches your eye, inviting them to apply for posted job openings is just a click away. Stay ahead in your talent acquisition game with Zita Matched Profiles.

Smart Filters

Efficiently pinpoint candidates with our smart filters, tailored for each screening page. Easily refine your searches based on Match Score, Qualification, Invitation Status, Location, Experience, and Skills across all stages. Elevate your candidate selection process with Zita's Smart Filters for precise and efficient recruitment.

Talent Acquisition Software
HR Software for Job Postings
Collaborate & Hire

Collaborate & Hire

Collaboration & Hiring Features

  • Team Collaboration

  • Kanban (Style) Hiring Board

  • Report & insights

Collaboration leads to an easier onboarding. Zita provides the perfect platform for team-based recruitment and makes the screening easier with drag & drop hiring board . 

Team Collaboration

Enhance your recruitment process with our ATS's Team Collaboration feature. Streamline communication among team members, customize roles, and ensure efficient workflow management. Collaborate effectively and achieve seamless hiring outcomes with our ATS.

Recruitment Sourcing Tools
import candidate
customizable hiring board
customizable hiring board

Customizable Hiring Board

Effortlessly manage your hiring process with our customizable hiring board. Track and move applicants across various stages using a simple drag-and-drop interface. Streamline your recruitment workflow, ensuring a smooth and efficient candidate journey from application to hire. Simplify your hiring process with our intuitive hiring board.

Reports & Insights

Drive your hiring strategy with precision using our comprehensive Reports & Insights feature. From job posting through candidate selection, gain valuable data-driven insights to optimize your recruitment decisions. Make well-informed choices at every step, ensuring a successful and efficient hiring process.


View all candidate-related reports here


Other essential features

  • Calendar Integration

  • In-built resume & JD Parsers

Interview scheduling & CV parser is an integral part of any ATS. Zita comes with world class CV parser & calendar sync to manage all your appointments in one place.

Calendar Integration

Simplify your scheduling with Calendar Integration. Seamlessly connect your Gmail or Outlook calendar to Zita, allowing you to view interview schedules with applicants and stay updated on all hiring-related appointments. Streamline your hiring process and stay organized with integrated calendar functionality.

Candidate Engagement Portal

Built-in Resume & JD Parsers

Boost your efficiency in the hiring process with our CV and JD parsers. Import a large volume of candidates effortlessly in just a few clicks. The CV parser automatically extracts and populates resume details into your database, saving you valuable time during candidate management. Simplify your recruitment workflow with our built-in parsers.

Applicant Tracking System
Applicant Tracking System
Applicant Tracking System
Applicant Tracking System

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