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Collaborate with your Team Effortlessly

For seamless hiring process

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Collaborate & Hire

Assign & Customize Roles

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Collaboration leads to easier onboarding. Zita provides the perfect platform for team-based recruitment. Add, customize roles and delete users based on your needs.  

Invite your team member

For every new team member, you have to buy one new user license. You can effortlessly add new team members by inviting them from user management section. You can also track the activities of any user in the activity log.

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Choose your team member's role

Assigning a role is mandatory to invite a user. There are three roles to select from, which are Admin, HR & Hiring.  Zita has pre-built user privileges for all the roles. Also, Zita allows you to enable more features for the roles, but you cannot remove the default privilege of that role. Once your teammate is invited and active, you can change the user role at any time. 

Add your team

Delete/Inactive Users

Inactivate, Delete Users

You can delete or inactivate any user at any time of the hiring process. Inactivate will revoke the user access temporarily and can be reactivated anytime. Inactive user data will remain in the Zita, so there are no consequences to inactivating a user. However, the inactivated user will no longer be able to login into the Zita application.

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