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Get key insights on Hiring process

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Zita's reports help you analyse the overall hiring process with different real-time data metrics. You can access & download all reports in the reports section at any time of your hiring. 

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Sourcing Performance Report

Get quick insights on the overall sourcing performance of any job openings. This report focuses on the conversion rate of applicants from the total views of any specific JD page. The reports are available in three different time references (Daily, Weekly, Monthly).


Interactive Insights on Dashboard

Get a quick snapshot of all your reports right in your dashboard. Reports are based on real-time data; you can access them by selecting any specific job. You can get a detailed view of any reports in the exclusive reports section.  

Job Metrics Report

It helps you understand the total number of vacancies, applicants, shortlisted, qualified, disqualified, and Zita Match candidates of all the posted jobs in your company. You can choose the specific Job and view the detailed metrics for that particular Job. Reports are available for all the active and inactive jobs. You can download the report in CSV file for further analysis. 

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