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Zita Profile View

From resume to notes, every detail about candidate in one click.

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All in one view

Profile view will give you the complete information about the candidate in a single click. You will have two types of profile  inside Zita 

  • Applicants Profile: This view is for the Applicants who apply for the job. This will have candidate information in a well-organized way as it is self-customized by the applicants while applying for the job.

  • Candidate profile: This view is for the sourced and existing candidates in your database. 

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With an in-app messaging, you can directly send and receive messages to any candidates with a single click. The chat box is associated with the Job. It will be visible only when you open the profile by selecting a job or in the Zita Match candidates page of the respective Job. Notes section will be available for every candidate profile, where you and your team member can add comments or feedbacks about the candidate. 

Enriched Candidate's Profile View

Zita profile view provides access to every detail about candidates in one click. Access and manage all your feedbacks, meetings, ratings and interview scorings for the candidate in the same place.

In-app Messaging

All Job Matching details

Any candidate in your database gets matched for all the posted jobs. You can see all the matched jobs with the match score inside the Zita profile.

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