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AI Matching
How does it work?

1. How does it work?

Smart Recommendation for each candidate in every job opening. Advanced resume parsing, the semantic search will match the job against candidates seamlessly and rank it with match score and detailed analysis. 

AI Matching algorithm will index both the job description, candidate resume and assign the extracted details to the respective groups/clusters. Matching score weightage 100% segregated among the groups as follows, 

  • Job Title  

  • Skills 

  • Qualification 

  • Location 

  • Domain 

  • Sectors 

When matching the jobs and candidates, in order to scrutinize the recommendation of the right candidate to a job and vice versa, “Job Title” is the Mandatory criteria for matching. If the Job title is not matched, that candidate will not be considered further on the matching process for that job. 

2. Zita Matched Candidates

Post your job and find suitable talents from your existing and sourced database. Zita’s AI Matching will index the job description and core skills against the candidates’ resumes and rank them based on the match score.  

For every Job, you can get the matched profiles and convert them as valuable applicants by extending the invitation to apply.  If the invited candidates, accepted the invitation and apply for the job, they will be converted as Applicants for that job.  

  • Click on the "Candidate Name" to view the complete profile of that candidate with matching analysis.

  • Click on the “Notes” link to add any comments or notes about that candidate. Add your notes/comments in the Notes sheet and click on “Update” to save the notes. 

  • Click on the "Invite to Apply" button to invite the matched candidate to apply for the job.

  • Click on "Yes" to send the invite as an email to the candidate.

3. Matching Analysis

Matching the candidate for the job is done by indexing the job and candidate. Matching Analysis will help you to see how the scoring is done and what details are matched and what are not matched. Also provides you a snapshot of which group is having the higher match score among the overall match score.

Matching Analysis is associated with Job. You can view the Matching Analysis for a candidate by viewing the Profile of the candidate in the "Zita Match Candidate"  and "Applicants Pipeline" Page of a respective Job.

  • Click on the "Candidate Name" to view the candidate profile.

  • Click on the "Matching Analysis" tab to view the Matching Analysis in detail

Zita Matched Candidates
Matching Analysis
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Profile View
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